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Hi friends,

It’s been forever and a day, and as of many years ago I no longer work with debugging on a daily basis. A number of years back, the MSDN blogs were taken down, some if it was moved over to an archive, but around a year ago, most of it just disappeared.

I was constantly pushing the “save the blog away and put it somewhere else” to another day, until one day it was just too late and it was all gone.

However, I keep getting requests for articles that are linked from somewhere, and lately, with a new upcoming revision to debug diag, I needed to do something about it - so I am slowly restoring my blog from the way back machine. It’s a painstakingly slow manual process, and many of the links are now gone. But its also quite rewarding as I go through posts, reviewing all the nice comments everyone wrote. Big love to all of you who have read and commented on my blog throughout the years.

I am also trying to post all the sample code in github repos, upload all the slide decks, recreate some of the demos and scripts with modern frameworks and tools.

One such restoration was my Buggy Bits labs - that over the years were downloaded by somewhere around 100.000 people.

The instructions for the debugging labs are available here.

I still have about 5 or so blog-years to go for the restoration at this point - but I wanted to thank you for stopping by.

Nowadays I work as a developer, most of my projects are either services written in C# or Machine Learning and Data Related projects in Python. If you are curious about some of my current endeavors, you can check out some of my later presentations on the presentations page. You can also find some of my debugging presentations there.

If you came here because you have a hang, crash, memory leak or something in between, have a look at the post index for a more structured view of the posts on the blog.

The blog currently doesn’t have a comment function, but if you want to chat about something, you can reach me on twitter at @TessFerrandez

Laters, Tess