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Request for feedback

less than 1 minute read

Not sure if anyone is reading this blog, but if you are and there is something specific you want me to blog about please let me know.

A Hang Scenario, Locks and Critical Sections

10 minute read

The situation here is that the server at times slows down considerably, or even hangs completely. Requests start timing out and no new requests seem to be ge...

Things to ignore when debugging an ASP.NET hang

7 minute read

When looking at a dump, a lot of the art of debugging (I like to call it an art because it makes me feel more important:)) is knowing what you can ignore so ...

Associate windbg with .dmp files

1 minute read

If you get tired of starting the debugger, loading your dump, setting up your sympath, loading your extensions, etc. etc. here is a nifty way of getting “Deb...

What on earth caused my process to crash?

9 minute read

So you got a 1000 w3wp.exe stopped unexpectedly in the event viewer or your process just exited in some weird undefined way and you don’t know why.