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I have been receiving a lot of email lately asking for help on particular issues.

Unfortunately I can not give attention to individual issues as I am posting to this blog in my own free time or on the rare occasions that slots of time open during my workday. I hate to say no, it’s not really in my nature:) but I have to, so I would ask you kindly to go through our official channels for getting support if you need more in-depth help on an issue, and you will get help from either me or one of my colleagues depending on the nature of your issue and your location on the globe.

If you have suggestions on new topics, my todo-list is basically the comments that come in on the request for feedback post, so don’t hesitate to put a comment there, that way others can chime in and agree or disagree too.

Thank you for understanding,

Having said this… my next post will be out shortly but times have been a bit hectic lately :)

Have a great evening!