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I was Tagged by David Salgado so here are 5 things you probably don’t know about me…

  1. I am both a Swedish and a Spanish citizen, the Spanish part comes from my dad and I am semi-fluent in Spanish
  2. One of my favorite pass times is playing pick-a-pix (a japanese crossword game), which when I say it makes me feel like a 65 year old lady:)
  3. I won one game in the Swedish Championship in 9-ball last year, unfortunately I lost out in the second round, but I’m planning to be back and fighting next year:)
  4. I went to college in Orlando, FL and started working for Microsoft in Charlotte, NC straight out of college in 99’. In 04’ I moved to Sweden to join Microsoft in Stockholm and have lived here ever since.
  5. I got stuck with being on-call on new years eve for the millennium shift between 11 pm and 1 am in case we would get a massive amount of people calling in because their web sites had crashed. Come on, give me a break… as if anyone browsing the sites would care on new years eve or new years day (depending on timezone). How many call-outs do you think I got in the end? zero, zilch, zip, nada… :) Still a bit miffed about that one:)

oh yeah, i forgot, i was supposed to tag 5 other people I want to know more about so I’m tagging the writers of some of my favorite blogs Doug, Jeff, Maoni, Mike Stall, and Eran.