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I have to say that I was happily surprised, not only that so many people showed up and about the amount of questions that came up but also about the type of questions that came up. It was definitely very interesting for me.

Tom had a good recap of the chat topics that came up, and we will be dividing these among us to write articles that cover these in a little more detail. The portions that were covered in the chat will be covered in the posts as well.

  • Basics of debugging, how to capture a dump
  • Orphaned worker processes with IIS
  • High memory in ASP.NET
  • Memory limits for 32-bit and 64-bit processes
  • If dumps are different from different tools
  • Preemptive GC and how that is handled
  • Managed and native resources being leaked
  • GC Gen sizes including the Large Object Heap
  • !locks taking a parameter
  • Setting a breakpoint in managed code
  • When do we see ObjectDisposedException
  • Future/schedule of SOS.dll
  • Problem with !pe and !soe leaking memory
  • Functions would like to see added to 2.0 version of sos
  • How to debug a web farm at the same time
  • Seeing an exception in the heap, but not on a stack
  • !savemodule on a dynamic assembly failing
  • What extension to use in what situation
  • GC threads waiting in join
  • Good books around .NET debugging
  • 64-bit DebugDiag

Apart from just having a really nice time, we learned a few things about chats during the blog chat.

  1. We should decrease the refresh rate to 10 seconds rather than 4 so that the screen doesn’t flicker so much.
  2. We should increase the size of the screen

So with those out of the way, feel free to post any feedback about yesterdays blog chat so that we can adapt for next time.