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This question that I got from a reader is something that I get asked pretty frequently

“I met a small problem during my dump analysis, our application is using .net 2.0. when I load 2.0 version of sos.dll, some of useful extension commands are lost, but sos.dll which is under clr10 debugging tool has.

Do you know any way to use those extension command in 1.1 under 2.0 sos.dll?”

After you have gotten used to the wealth of commands and functions in sos for .net framework 1.1 it can get a bit tedious to have to do these things manually when debugging 2.0 applications. The differences are not extreme but commands such as !aspxpages etc. are missing in 2.0, and the reason is basically that the debugging architecture in 2.0 is very different from 1.1 so the commands are ported continuously and sent out with hot fixes and service packs, but some just haven’t made it yet.

You can not use the 1.1 version on 2.0 applications by loading it in an alternate way unfortunately, for most commands like !aspxpages you can script the command like I did here, but that too is a bit tedious. If there are some commands that you are missing or some that never existed that you would have liked to have, you can comment on this post by Tom so that he can incorporate it in future versions.

Laters, Tess