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Today I came across a really good article for bloggers, Scott Hanselmans post on Blog Interesting - 32 Ways to Keep Your Blog from Sucking

I realize that most of you are not bloggers, and also that I am breaking rule #7 and #8 on the list here :)

  1. Don’t post throwaways

    I try to have a minimum length to a post. If you don’t think about your blog post, likely no one else will either. If I want to save a link, rather than posting “I want to save this link, so I’m blogging it to remember” I use a service like http://del.icio.us/shanselman. Unless you’re a link blogger, but then you’d batch them up.

  2. Avoid “excessive quoting”

    Some popular bloggers can get away with this, but I think that quotes make up more than 30% of a blog post (or, gasp, 70% or more) than you really have to ask yourself “am I providing value here?”

…but I really enjoyed his post, so I’m sharing it for you to enjoy as well…

And regarding #7, trying to have a minimum length to a post, a lot of people would probably argue that instead of trying to have a minimum length, I should try to set a maximum length for my posts since they tend to get very wordy, especially the folks that manage the community server for blogs.msdn.com as i suspect that most my post make it on to the large object heap :)

Laters, Tess