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Save the date! TechEd Developers North America 2008 just finished but there is plenty more to come… I know it’s a bit early still, but November 10th through 14th TechEd Developer 2008 is coming to Barcelona, Spain and the session list is already starting to build.

This will be my first time at TechEd so I am really excited, especially with it being in Spain (since I’m half Spanish).

If you want to check out the sessions that are already posted you can do so here and give feedback on which ones you think you will attend.

I hope that most of you will come and see my session on Common ASP.NET production issues and how to troubleshoot them with windbg where I’ll be talking about the same types of issues I am discussing on this blog and work through some debugging demos so you can see debugging with windbg live and learn some cool tips and tricks. (It’s listed as a 300 level session but I think most people would probably consider it level 400.)

If you read this blog, and you’re going there, come by and say hi… it would be really nice to see the faces of the people I am talking to on the blog :)

If you haven’t done so already I would recommend that you check out Ingo Rammers presentation on “Debugging .NET - Hardcore production debugging of .NET applications” from the last EMEA Developers TechEd. It was listed as one of the top 4 sessions.

He talked, among other things, about SOSAssist, a very early version of a tool that helps you debug by getting a more visual studio like GUI for your dump debugging sessions.

Laters, Tess