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It is not often that I stray too far from debugging and ASP.NET on my blog, but this time I am going to make an exception because I am just really excited about this :) so I’ll put this post in the “bag of chips” category…

I finally installed the first games on my Zune, and in reality it wasn’t even a game, but a clock, a feature that I had really been missing.

I am sure that it will get a lot easier as everything goes public but for now, here is what I did to install the games with the XNA Game Studio 3.0 CTP

  1. Installed Visual Studio (C#) 2008 (well actually I had it installed already). Any version of VS 2008 will do including express versions.
  2. Installed Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0 CTP
  3. Downloaded some sample applications from www.zuneboards.com
  4. Connected my Zune to the computer and updated it with the latest Zune software (2.5 1614)
  5. Opened one of the projects in Visual Studio, this gives you a new toolbox item below the regular buttons


  6. Clicked on the XNA Screen (the monitor with the X on it) to open the XNA Game Studio Device Center


  7. Clicked on Add Device to open XNA Game Studio Devices


  8. Chose Zune to bring up the Select your Zune window


  9. Selected Tess Zune and clicked next. This test the connection and connects the Zune, and from this point on the Zune will sit in a screen saying “XNA Game Studio Connect, waiting for computer” and the Zune is now acting as the target when you deploy until you exit the wait state on the Zune.
  10. Chose Build/Deploy Solution in Visual Studio which changes the Zune to say “deploying…” and sparkle really nice.

Once all this was done I exited on the Zune and now I have a new menu item on the Zune called Games where all my applications are stored, and with that, I have yet another device that I can play solitaire on, YAY!!! :)

Laters, Tess