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Rico Mariani (Chief Architect of Visual Studio – previously performance architect for .net), Vance Morrison (Performance architect for .net) and Mark Friedman (Architect Lead for the Developer Division of Performance Engineering) had a full day talk at the PDC about performance.

Unfortunately recordings are probably not going to be available since this was done at the pre-conference, but Vance posted all the slides they used on his blog.

Edit 2021: Since their blogs are no longer available, I have uploaded the presentation as one complete slide deck here

The presentation was split into the following parts

  • Performance by Design Intro – Rico Mariani
  • Performance by Design CPU – Vance Morrison
  • Performance by Design Memory – Vance Morrison
  • Performance by Design Parallel – Vance Morrison
  • Performance by Design ASP.NET – Mark Friedman

Well worth a look, Tess