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This lab series is not really in-line with my normal debugging posts, but I just created a simple Traffic Jam game in Silverlight and thought I’d make it into a “lab series” that you can go through if you are getting started with Silverlight.

Update 2021: While restoring this blog I moved the code to WPF and the lab series to GitHub

The game is called Seattle Streets and it based on the popular board game Rush Hour® where you help a little red car move to the Exit square by moving the other cars out of its way in as few moves as possible.

The project for the finished game is attached to this post…

Design is not really my forte, this is what the game will look and feel like when we’re done:


I have divided it up into a number of tasks:

In order to get the most out of these posts you should go through them in order.

The WPF code is also available in the SeattleStreets repo.

Have fun, Tess