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.NET Debugging Demos Lab 7: Memory Leak

4 minute read

This is the last debugging lab in the .NET Debugging Labs series. By now you should have the basics down for troubleshooting hangs, perf issues, memory leaks...

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 6: Memory Leak

6 minute read

It’s been about a week since I posted the debugging challenge for this lab, things have been a bit busy lately so sorry about the tardiness on posting the l...

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 5: Crash

4 minute read

Last week I published a debugging challenge for Lab 5. It was really interesting to see the results and I have to say I was really happy to see the excellen...

Silverlight 2 Beta 1 and Expression Blend

2 minute read

ScottGu has outdone himself again with a demo series First Look at Silverlight 2 and First Look at using Expression Blend with Silverlight 2.