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I hope you will join me for TechEd in Barcelona on the 10th-14th of November.

I will be presenting 2 sessions, one breakout and one interactive session:

WUX405 Common ASP.NET production issues and how to troubleshoot them with windbg

“This session presents the most common causes for hangs, performance issues, crashes, and memory problems in ASP.NET applications. The problems and demos shown are a compilation of many years of experience in troubleshooting these types of issues for some of our largest customers all over the world. We will show you how to avoid these issues, and give you an insight into how to troubleshoot these issues with windbg (from the debugging tools for windows) and SOS.dll.”

Preliminary schedule: November 12th 17:30-18:45

TLA05-IS Debugging performance issues, memory issues and crashes in .net applications

“In this session we will take a closer look at how you can troubleshoot different .net performance, memory and crash issues in windbg using SOS. The session will talk about how to prepare your machine for post-mortem debugging, what memory dumps are and how you gather and debug them. We will also dig deeper into some of the scenarios we talked about in BOS “Common ASP.NET Production Issues and how to troubleshoot them with windbg” and look at some of the data you can get to with SOS, such as exception information, how many datasets you have in memory etc. This is also a perfect place to ask all your .net debugging related questions. “

Preliminary schedule: November 13th 13:30 – 14:45

You can search for TechEd sessions here https://emea.msteched.com/dev/public/sessions.aspx if you are interested in what else is being presented.

Have fun and see ya there, Tess