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I still have to figure out a way to host the video from the break-out session but until then, here are the slides for my presentations.

And here are a list of some of the tools and resources I used for the presentations

Tool/Resource Comment
Debugging Tools for windows Windbg, adplus etc.
Debug Diag 1.1 Analyzes dumps, good for native memory leaks
Cmdtree Command and text file to get a tree view with commands in windbg
Tinyget Poor mans stress test (sends http requests)
Using SOS in Visual studio  
Reflector Show code when you just have the dll
Viewstate decoder Decodes viewstate from dumps or “view source”
Buggy Bits labs Hands on Labs to learn .net debugging with windbg
John Robbins debugging book Best book ever about .net debugging
SOS Assist GUI for dump debugging
Process explorer Task manager on steroids. Make sure to have a look at Mark Russinovich’s video “The case of the unexplained” under related links
Process monitor Regmon, filemon etc. packed into one tool

Have fun, Tess