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Are you looking for some good stuff to put in your family’s Christmas stockings this year? Maybe a new phone, a controller for your gaming console, why not a brand new debugging tool :)

Jokes aside, I get peppered with questions about Debug Diag and if there is a new version coming that will support Windows 7 / Windows 2008 and luckily some of my EE colleagues have been and are still working hard at making this happen.

While it is not available for public download yet at the MS download site, Beta 1 of Debug Diag has been released and is ready for use. The main new stuff in Beta 1 is that it now supports the aforementioned Windows 7 and 2008, and if you need it right now, you can send an email to dbgdiag (at) microsoft.com, or if you have a case open, you can ask the support engineer you are working with to send it to you.

It has a 32-bit and a 64-bit version (for 1.2, install the 64bit version on 64bit OSes and 32bit version on 32bit OSes, independently of the bitness of the target process).

I will write more when Beta2 is out but Beta2 looks very promising with some new features that will help our apps easier to debug.